Some states have already acted and have name, image, likeness legislation ready to roll out in July, but NCAA President Mark Emmert is reportedly seeking for all athletes to have NIL opportunities.

According to a report by Ralph D. Russo with the AP, Emmert sent a memo to the more than 1,200 member schools of the NCAA, announcing he will seek temporary rules for all athletes to be compensated off of NIL as early as July.

“By July, all our athletes should be provided NIL opportunities regardless of the state they happen to live in,” Emmert wrote in the memo.

The NCAA Division I Council is set to meet next week on Tuesday and Wednesday and could pass NIL legislation. But if they don’t, it sounds like Emmert is planning to take action.

“I have directed my staff to create proposals to this end. We will provide more details next week as this approach is reviewed by the NCAA Board of Governors and the divisional governance bodies,” he wrote.