With name, image and likeness legislation set to go into effect in several states this summer, NCAA president Mark Emmert says he will recommend NCAA rule changes this summer.

After previously delaying this process, Emmert told the New York Times on Saturday that he will suggest new rules be adopted “before, or as close to, July 1.” That’s the date when new laws are expected to begin in states like Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

“We need to get a vote on these rules that are in front of the members now,” Emmert said, via The Times’ Alan Blinder.

This legislation will allow student-athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness — something that was previously prohibited by the NCAA. Players will now be able to pursue endorsement deals while maintaining collegiate eligibility.

It’s currently unclear how many student-athletes this will affect. In the Times’ story, Miami AD Blake James was skeptical of there being a wide-spread impact.

“I don’t think everyone on the football team would get a shoe deal, let alone when you add in 300-plus other student-athletes,” James told The New York Times.

The NCAA extended Emmert’s contract late last month.