A decision on name, image and likeness and transfer policies is likely to be delayed, according to a report from CBS Sports. A vote on both issues was expected to be taken on Monday, but the report indicates it will happen at a later date.

NCAA President Mark Emmert is the one recommending that votes on both issues be delayed.

CBS Sports reports that the delay on voting on name, image and likeness and transfer policies is not an indication that changes would not be approved or passed. Instead, tabling the two issues will allow more time for all involved to voice their opinion on the situations.

With proposed name, image and likeness changes, student-athletes would be permitted to earn money through endeavors such as media appearances, autograph signings, social media influence, advertising and other areas, although there’s been no approval on any aspect of the proposed NIL bill.

If the NCAA approves a new transfer rule, it would allow all first-time transfer student-athletes to receive immediate eligibility at their next destination, regardless of reason for transfer. Currently, all student-athletes who transfer in men’s and women’s basketball, football, baseball or men’s ice hockey must sit out one year unless granted an immediate eligibility waiver by the NCAA.

Both issues have been concerns surrounding college sports for quite some time.