This is excellent.

The NCAA gets plenty of flack — and at times, it’s warranted. After all, who’s perfect?

Certainly not me.

Regardless, the NCAA did what seems to be the right thing in regard to spring sport athletes who are getting stripped away their 2020 seasons due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Following the report that floated around, motioning the fact that the NCAA was considering granting an extra year of eligibility to the athletes affected, it became confirmed through a statement by the NCAA:

“Council leadership agreed that eligibility relief is appropriate for all Division I student-athletes who participated in spring sports. Details of eligibility relief will be finalized at a later time. Additional issues with NCAA rules must be addressed, and appropriate governance bodies will work through those in the coming days and weeks.”

Again, this essentially means that all spring sport athletes will be granted an extra year of eligibility. Who isn’t in favor of this?

Now, will winter sport athletes (basketball for example) be given any sort of relief as well? Only time will tell.