It wouldn’t be Championship Monday without a gigantic news dump from the NCAA.

They’ve decided to table a vote on name, image, likeness, and transfer policies for collegiate players to a later date:

The full statement for the NCAA’s press release on their website says:

“The Division I Council on Monday announced it is committed to adopting new rules allowing student-athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness and expanding opportunities for student-athletes to compete immediately after transfer, but several external factors, including recent correspondence with the U.S. Department of Justice, prompted members to delay voting on the proposals.”

Council Chair M. Grace Calhoun also released a statement in that same press release and said:

“The Council remains fully committed to modernizing Division I rules in ways that benefit all student-athletes,” said Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Pennsylvania. “Unfortunately, external factors require this pause, and the Council will use this time to enhance the proposals.”

The Board of Directors will meet on Thursday so we’ll have to see if they support the decision.