Every day the news is full of players entering the NCAA Transfer Portal. In fact, in the past week over 100 players have announced their beginning of the process to switch schools.

The tricky part now, given the NCAA’s adapting of eligibility rules due to the COVD-19 pandemic and the cancellations of senior seasons, will be finding the new school with an open slot on their roster. Many seniors who would have previously been graduated out, are now eligible for another season with their team.

The NCAA Transfer Portal was created in October of 2018 as a compliance tool to manage the transfer process of student-athletes. It adds more transparency to the process among schools and helps the player to better understand the process.

Previously, a Division I student-athlete who wanted to transfer would have to first ask their coach for permission to contact other schools, who could either allow or deny the request.

If the permission was denied, a lengthy, complicated process of appeals would follow for a player to switch schools.

For more information on the NCAA Transfer Portal, see the NCAA Website.