Even though coaches from the ACC voted unanimously to propose an idea of an all-inclusive NCAA Tournament at the end of the college basketball season, it doesn’t sound like the idea will come to fruition.

On Wednesday, it was reported that basketball coaches from the ACC proposed that all eligible teams be allowed to participate in an expanded NCAA Tournament at season’s end. That would include nearly 350 teams making a run at March Madness.

However, NCAA Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations Dan Gavitt said that’s not an idea the association is entertaining at this time.

“Every college basketball team’s goal is to play in the NCAA Tournament because everyone loves March Madness,” Gavitt said, per Andy Katz of NCAA.com. “Certainly we missed it this year and can’t wait for 2021. While all who care about the game are entitled to their opinion, and we’ll always listen respectfully, at this time we are not working on any contingency plan that involves expanding the tournament field.”

Currently, the start of the college basketball season is a consideration for the NCAA Division I Council. The recommendation is to become the season on Nov. 25, with a vote on the matter coming on Sept. 16.

The NCAA Tournament, as well as several conference tournaments, were canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.