For most adult fans, being able to enjoy a beer or an alcoholic beverage while watching your favorite team is one of the best parts of fall. However, the cost of those beverages can be tough to stomach.

Fortunately, for Nebraska and Northwestern fans in Dublin, that cost is not an issue for part of the Week 0 opener. According to various reports coming out of Ireland, Aviva Stadium has suffered a wi-fi outage which means the stadium is unable to process electronic payments.

To rectify the situation, Aviva Stadium is giving out free alcohol to those in attendance. Unsurprisingly, that giveaway has resulted in huge lines at concession stands throughout Aviva Stadium.

Check it out:

Looks like free beer is one thing both Northwestern and Nebraska fans can agree on! As for the action on the field, Nebraska has raced out to a hot start early in the 2nd quarter.