One of the newest ESPN analysts unveiled his top 25 Tuesday, and the B1G was well represented throughout!

Ryan Leaf was a star quarterback at Washington State before posting a disappointing NFL career after being drafted No. 2 overall. Now, Leaf is an analyst and was hired by ESPN this summer to work the 2019 season.

Leaf brings a solid resume to the broadcast booth, and he unveiled his top 25 ahead of the first games of the college football season. His top 25 included eight B1G teams with Ohio State the highest-ranked team from the conference at No. 4. Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia made up Leaf’s top three.

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Michigan at No. 8 was the only other B1G team inside Leaf’s top 10. He included Michigan State, Wisconsin, Penn State, Iowa, Northwestern, and Minnesota in his rankings. It’s also worth noting that he is not as high as others on Nebraska since they were not on his list.

Here’s his list:

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