When it comes to producing quality NFL prospects, there’s often an argument that no conference does it better than the SEC. The league continually sees a high number of players get selected in the NFL Draft.

This year, though, in terms of on-field production at the next level, there’s really no conference doing it better than the B1G right now. And there’s evidence to support it.

According to Pick Six Previews, four B1G programs rank among the Top 7 in terms of most players participating in either the AFC or NFC Championship Game next weekend. Iowa is at the top of the list.

Per Pick Six Previews, 9 players from Iowa will be playing next weekend, most of any school in college football. Michigan is tied with LSU and Mississippi State, each having 7 former players. Texas A&M is next with 6 players and Penn State will have 5.

Minnesota is tied with Clemson and Alabama at 4, while Maryland and Nebraska will each have 3.

Between those 6 programs alone, 31 former B1G players are on active rosters heading into the AFC or NFC Championship Game. That doesn’t even include the other eight programs.

So, the next time someone tells you that the SEC is far better than any other conference at producing quality NFL talent, go ahead and drop this knowledge. The B1G isn’t too bad, either.