The NFL’s virtual draft over a week ago proved to be one of the most successful in history, and now the league is moving forward with its schedule release for the 2020 season.

On Monday, the NFL announced that the 2020 regular-season schedule will be revealed on Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET. The league is planning for a 17-week schedule, as well as full stadiums come the start of the season. ESPN’s Adam Schefter did report that there is not expected to be any international games.

Last week, a league spokesperson told ESPN that there have not been any plans to reduce the 2020 schedule or delay the start of the season. However, should adjustments need to be made, the NFL will make those decisions.

The NFL was somewhat criticized for its decision to move forward with the 2020 NFL Draft this year due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the choice paid off, as it was one of the most-watched drafts in the league history.

A release of the 2020 schedule will also give fans and media something else to focus on and continue to hope that the football season continues as planned.