Just because a player is undrafted doesn’t mean that the NFL dream is over. In fact, there have been plenty of talented B1G players that went undrafted and still ended up having successful NFL careers.

A total of 11 former B1G players made Pro Bowls after going undrafted. Will somebody on this list become the 12th? That remains to be seen.

There are still B1G players — Drew Ott, of course — who haven’t found a home yet because they’re still weighing their options. Think of this as a running tally and not a finalized list.

So with that, here are the known undrafted free agents from the B1G, which is subject to change pending physicals and all of that fun stuff:


WR Geronimo Allison — Packers

DB V’Angelo Bentley — Patriots

RB Josh Ferguson — Colts


DT Darius Latham — Raiders

C Jake Reed — Falcons

TE Michael Cooper — Redskins

DE Zack Shaw — Buccaneers


DE Nate Meier — Bears

WR Tevaun Smith — Colts

OL Jordan Walsh — Falcons

FB Adam Cox — Falcons

TE Henry Krieger Coble —Broncos

DB Jordan Lomax — Rams

K Marshall Koehn — Dolphins

RB Jordan Canzeri — Tryouts with Chiefs and Saints


K Brad Craddock — Browns

OL Andrew Zeller — Lions

RB Brandon Ross — Vikings


FB Joe Kerridge —Redskins

FB Sione Houma — Saints

S Jarrod Wilson —Jaguars

LB Mario Ojemudia — Ravens

LB James Ross — Ravens (tryout)

Michigan State

C Jack Allen — Saints

WR DeAnthony Arnett — Seahawks

CB Arjen Colquhoun — Cowboys

LB Darien Harris — Bengals

DT Joel Heath — Texans

FB Trevon Pendleton — Ravens

LS Taybor Pepper — Ravens

DT Lawrence Thomas — Jets

WR A.J. Troup — Chiefs

S RJ Williamson — Packers


CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun — Jaguars

P Peter Mortell — Packers

DL Theiren Cockran — Vikings

WR KJ Maye — Giants


DB Daniel Davie — Colts

DL Jack Gangwish — Bengals

DT Givens Price —Cardinals

OL Zach Sterup — Chiefs


DB Traveon Henry — Buccaneers

DE Deonte Gibson — Lions

QB Zack Oliver — Redskins

WR Miles Shuler — Giants

Ohio State

S Tyvis Powell — Seahawks

WR Jalin Marshall — Jets

OL Chase Farris — Bills

Penn State

CB Trevor Williams — Chargers

TE Kyle Carter — Vikings

DT Tarow Barney — Bears


WR Danny Anthrop — Colts

OL Robert Kugler — Bills

DB Frankie Williams — Bengals

DT Ryan Watson — Lions

DT Michael Rouse — Chiefs (rookie minicamp invite)


QB Gary Nova — Packers (tryout)

RB Paul James — Bengals (rookie minicamp invite)

LB Steve Longa — Seahawks

LB Quentin Gause — Eagles

OL Keith Lumpkin — Bills


S Michael Caputo — Saints

TE Tanner McEvoy — Seahawks

CB Darius Hillary — Bengals

WR Alex Erickson — Bengals

QB Joel Stave — Vikings

OT Tyler Marz — Titans

TE Austin Traylor — Cowboys