Nick Saban often comes off as one of the most intense coaches in college football. Rarely does he have a smile on his face when Alabama is on the field.

But the legendary head coach does have a lighter side. And, every now and then, he shows it off to his players.

A year ago, former Alabama running back and current Las Vegas Raiders star Josh Jacobs told Dan Patrick that Saban loved telling “deez nuts” jokes around players. So, a year later, Patrick asked Saban about it.

Saban confirmed that he is, indeed, a fan of those jokes.

“Well, I like to have fun with the players. I think it’s probably good that they see you every now and then in a little bit different light,” Saban responded on the show. “Since I’m a defensive coach and I probably get on the defensive players a little bit more ferociously. It’s a little easier for me to be light-hearted with the offensive players.

“And, you know, there’s some guys on your team you just love, like Josh Jacobs, Tua, Henry Ruggs. We’ve had a lot of really good players on offense that have great personalities and great work ethic and you just love them – and those are the kind of guys I usually pick out, do all the teasing stuff.”

So, now there’s no more speculation. Saban is, in fact, a fan of those jokes.