Alabama head coach Nick Saban has never had any issue with speaking his mind. Regardless of what the topic is, Saban is usually game to give his opinion.

That goes for College Football Playoff conversation, too.

Like the rest of us, Saban has plenty of thoughts about the College Football Playoff and whether the format should be expanded to include eight, or maybe even 16 teams. A strong opponent of implementing a four-team field in the first place, the Crimson Tide head coach isn’t in favor of adding more teams to the mix.

“I think the playoff … continues to expand to minimize the importance of those (bowl) games, maybe to the point where those game won’t even exist,” Saban said. “I’m not sure that is the best thing, overall, for college football.

“Which I’m not sure is good for college football. I’m not really for going eight teams in a playoff. It’s a hypothetical question, that I have enough issues and problems to solve without thinking about something that may or may not happen.”

Saban famously said a few years ago that he was opposed to expanding the national championship field because it would minimize the “importance of other bowl games.”

This season, conversations about expanding the four-team field have seemed to pick up quite a bit of steam. B1G commissioner Jim Delany and Big XII commissioner Bob Bowlsby have both said that there needs to be a conversation about expansion.

But Saban disagrees with that take. He’s also been in the College Football Playoff field all five seasons, so it’s easy to see why he wouldn’t be in favor of expansion.