With the product growing stale and the same teams seemingly making the field every year, there seems to be a growing interest in expanding the College Football Playoff. But don’t count Nick Saban as one of the individuals in favor including more teams.

Speaking on the Paul Finebaum Show on SEC Network on Tuesday, the Alabama head coach and seven-time national champion was asked for his thoughts on expansion.

He isn’t a fan.

“The more playoffs we have, the less significant bowl games are going to be. So, it’s really not for me and I don’t think I’m even capable of judging how significant the positive self-gratification so many players get, so many programs get, so many coaches get from being able to go to a bowl game,” Saban said. “And now everything has shifted to the four teams in the playoffs and bowls seem to be pretty insignificant. So, I think if we expand the playoffs you’re gonna see a continuation of that trend, where the bowl games become less and less significant.

“Maybe these two things can’t co-exist. But if they’re gonna co-exist, maybe we should try to leave them pretty much the same. But I know there’s a lot of interest in the playoffs.”

Saban also was concerned about the number of total games student-athletes would play in a season with an expanded field.

On Monday, Finebaum said during an interview with WJOX that there would “definitely” be playoff expansion in the coming years. He expects to see some sort of expanded format before the current contract expires as ratings for the event have declined recently.