Playoff expansion has become a topic we discuss until we’re all blue in the face these days. Ever since its implementation in 2014, some have been yammering for an eight-team format.

This might’ve been the best year to make the argument for an expanded playoff, as both Ohio State and Alabama were neck and neck to fill the final spot. The selection committee opted to go with the Crimson Tide and the Buckeyes were left on the outside looking in.

Could you have made an argument for Ohio State? Sure. It would’ve been a bad one, but there would be at least some merit behind an 11-2 record, a couple top five wins and a B1G title.

On Thursday, the conversation of the College Football Playoff expanding reached Alabama head coach Nick Saban. A guy who doesn’t mince words, Saban offered his thoughts on an expanded format. He didn’t disappoint, providing the best argument possible.

“I don’t care if we have 68 teams, we’ll still have a two-hour show,” Saban said.


Find any GIF of an audience applauding, because Saban deserves credit for that statement.

Saban isn’t just saying that because his team is in the picture, but because its the truth. Regardless of how much the playoff grows, someone will have a gripe about missing the cut. College basketball allows 68 teams into its regular tournament, and nobody can agree on those teams either.

Yes, this is a B1G site, but we fully support Saban on that statement. Keep the College Football Playoff at four teams. It’s a good, healthy number.