15 FBS programs will not be playing an FCS team in 2022, and 5 of those FBS programs are B1G schools.

The other 116 FBS programs in college football will face at least one FCS program. 5 schools in the B1G will face a challenge of only playing FBS programs for the 2022 season.

Some conferences will have every program playing at least one FCS program, while other conferences like the B1G will have multiple programs not playing any FCS opponents. Every team in the SEC, MAC, and the Mountain West will go up against an FCS opponent during the upcoming season.

The 5 teams from the B1G that will not face a single FCS opponent this season are Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State. The remaining 9 schools in the B1G will play at least one team from the FCS.

Maryland’s first three non-conference opponents will be from the MAC, AAC, and Conference USA. For Ohio State, Notre Dame, Arkansas State, and Toledo will be the first three opponents on the schedule. Those three schools are independent, Sun Belt, and MAC teams.

Michigan State’s season starts with two games against the MAC and the third game against a Pac-12 team in Washington. All 5 B1G teams will only play FBS opponents in 2022.