One week ago, the B1G announced that it would be going to a conference-only schedule this season.

Why is that? Is it to reduce travel? Is it to help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 because not all conferences are on the same page when it comes to precautionary measures?

It might be a bit of both. Ask any fan: How unified is the NCAA and its conferences? Is it all for one, one for all? Is everybody on the same page?

The answer is almost positively “no.”

What can help unity when it comes to college football?

Longtime coach Mack Brown, who currently coaches at North Carolina, has a solution.

Implement a commissioner. Here’s Brown talking with Paul Finebaum:

He’s also not the only coach with this idea:

If college football did have a commissioner, you would assume that the sport would be more well-run. At the same time, is there a commissioner in major American sports right now who does a phenomenal job and everybody approves of them?

Being a commissioner is hard, but, it could help the sport if the right person is in charge.