Usually, a dozen of anything is enough. But for Mike Leach, the number 12 is a little low in terms of teams participating in the College Football Playoff.

On Wednesday, the Mississippi State head coach was asked about the potential change from a four-team format to a 12-team field for the College Football Playoff. Leach is in favor of adding more teams to the mix but says he still wants a bigger bracket.

Just how big?

“Twelve teams is a huge step in the right direction,” Leach said at SEC Media Days. “Personally, I would like to see 64 (teams).”

Leach has always been an advocate of implementing a larger playoff system. His reference to the 64 teams comes from the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness tournament, though that has expanded to include 68 squads.

Not many have sided with Leach on that large of a format, making his opinion one of a kind.

Considering the length of time it took the College Football Playoff to consider expanding on a four-team field, a 64-team bracket probably won’t be in the works for quite some time — or ever. But Leach can still dream.