In a world where a 6-0 Ohio State team might make the College Football Playoff, it seems unlikely the committee will care about the number of games played in future seasons.

At least that’s what Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick is counting on.

He was asked Wednesday about the candidacy of teams like the Buckeyes and undefeated Pac 12 programs who are hoping for consideration for the Playoff despite a low number of games played.

His response was to poke fun at the nearly-annual narrative that Notre Dame isn’t worthy of making the playoff without a conference championship.

“Of course, as we move forward I’m thrilled to know that it may not be that important whether you continue to play 12 or 13 games,” Swarbrick said.

Notre Dame doesn’t have to worry about that criticism this year, as the Fighting Irish have joined the ACC for one year only. They will face Clemson for the ACC title on Dec. 19. Notre Dame defeated the Tigers in their first meeting this season.

In all seriousness, it will be interesting to see how this season changes the mindset of the College Football Playoff rankings committee moving forward.

With college football’s season presumably returning to normal in 2021, the committee might do the same. Regardless, it’s something to track over the next couple years.