There are mistakes, and then, there are mistakes.

And Notre Dame made a huge mistake on Charlie Weis’ contract, and the amount of money the Irish paid Weis to just go away is staggering.

The IndyStar is reporting that Notre Dame paid Weis nearly $19 million to be fired from the university. The final installment of $2,054,742 for the 2015 year was just disclosed.

That’s a ton of money with very little return.

Following a 4-8 season, it’s worth asking where exactly is Notre Dame’s brand right now? The brand just isn’t what it used to be in college football.

But Weis, he’s doing alright. After he was canned from Notre Dame, he was still making serious money at other jobs, too.

Weis was paid nearly $10.3 million by Notre Dame between 2010 and 2014. During that time, he also worked as an assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and the University of Florida. He became the head coach at Kansas in 2011, which paid him $2.5 million per season. When he was fired by Kansas in 2014, the school owed him a gross amount of more than $5.6 million under his contract in addition to what he was getting from Notre Dame and Play By Play Sports. After a variety of deductions, Kansas ended up actually paying Weis a total of a little more than $5.4 million.

Following his 35-27 stint at Notre Dame, Weis’ next head coaching job was at Kansas, where he was fired after a lack of progress. Weis’ Jayhawks went 6-22 from 2012-2014.