Notre Dame has unveiled a special uniform that they’re going to wear in their massive showdown against Wisconsin next month.

On Monday morning, it was official on the Fighting Irish’s Twitter account with notes on the sleeves, numbers, helmets, collars, etc.

In the video when they discuss the sleeves for the jersey, the gold stripes resemble the rivers and waterways on Chicago’s city flag. As for the numbers, they represent the “City of Broad Shoulders.”

The helmet looks similar to the usual Notre Dame helmet though this one honors the Chicago Flag. There’s also a statement on the collar of the jersey that may go unnoticed but it reads “Graduating Champions”, which is Notre Dame’s mission statement for the football program.

As for the matchup itself, Notre Dame will travel to Madison to take on the Badgers on Sept. 25. Kickoff will be at Noon ET and it’ll be televised by FOX.