The 2019 college football regular season is almost here and Bet Online released its most recent odds to win the CFB Playoff:

Clemson is at No. 1, while Alabama is No. 2. That doesn’t surprise anybody. Georgia comes in at No. 3, and it seems as though everyone believes the Bulldogs are the third-best team in the country.

The teams with the fourth-best odds, however, are both Michigan and Oklahoma. Both the Wolverines and Sooners are commonly found in the top 5 of any preseason poll that is out there, while Ohio State has the sixth-best odds.

If you were to put $100 on Michigan to win the title right now and they succeeded, you would get $1,000 in return. For Ohio State, a $100 successful deposit would net a $1,400 return. Of course, there is risk involved there.

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It should also be noted in the graphic above that other Big Ten teams have at least 100/1 odds or better. Nebraska and Penn State is next-best at 66/1, while Wisconsin is 80/1 and Michigan State is at 100/1.

All it could theoretically take for a B1G West team to reach the playoff is a dominating season and then one hypothetical upset in the B1G Championship. That is of course easier said than done.

A lot of people believe Nebraska is the favorite in the B1G West, but it’s not by much. Regardless, the conference has plenty of teams that can make some noise this season. How much noise?

We only have a couple weeks left until we get to see all the teams in action.