Every week, ESPN’s College Football Playoff Predictor updates the percentage that each team will have to make the four-team field at the end of the year. Six weeks into the season, Ohio State is at the top of the predictor.

The Buckeyes have the highest-percentage chance to play for a national title this year, with a 74 percent chance to be in the four-team race at the end of the season. They edged out Alabama and Clemson for the top spot.

Also included out of the B1G was Penn State and Wisconsin, both are currently undefeated. Here’s a look at the highest percentages to make the College Football Playoff, according to ESPN’s predictor:

  • Ohio State: 74%
  • Alabama: 69%
  • Clemson: 65%
  • Georgia: 45%
  • Oklahoma: 45%
  • LSU: 31%
  • Penn State: 18%
  • Notre Dame: 15%
  • Wisconsin: 14%

Everyone else is under 10 percent.

All three B1G teams included are currently undefeated. Ohio State will still have to play Penn State and Wisconsin, so we could see things shake up quite a bit in the coming weeks.

But, for now, Ohio State has a really good shot to be in the four-team field at the end of the year.