No. 3 Michigan suffered a loss to Iowa last night in what was a tumultuous night all across the college football landscape.

Because of the Wolverines’ loss, some unexpected shade was thrown at Jim Harbaugh’s club. I mean, who would have thought the Bison were snickering after Iowa’s win?

But, as expected, Michigan got some unkind words from former and current Ohio State players. The two teams hate each other, in case you weren’t aware.

Many believe it would have been beneficial for the Wolverines to win in order to help the Buckeyes’ case at the end of the year when the College Football Playoff committee looks back at Ohio State’s strength of schedule, but that didn’t stop Buckeye faithful:

On Nov. 26, when the two teams meet in Columbus, it’s possible that Ohio State defeats Michigan and Penn State goes on to the Big Ten Championship game, leaving the Buckeyes and Wolverines in the dust. However, it’s also possible that the winner of that rivalry game goes on to not only win the Big Ten, but the College Football Playoff.

Two Saturdays from now, there will be a whole lot of smack talk and we can’t wait for it.