Ohio State and Michigan might not have a lot of love for each other on the football field. However, both are two of the top dogs in the B1G and it was shown even more by a stat on Friday.

Action Network’s Brett McMurphy posted a stat about the teams with the best records in their last 23 games. As one would expect, some of the top teams from around the country made the list.

Ohio State and Michigan are tied for second with a 20-3 record in their last 23 games. A couple of those losses might have even been to each other.

Georgia had the best record with its one loss coming from last season’s SEC Championship game against Alabama. The Crimson Tide are one of five teams who have a 20-3 record in that time.

Other schools that were included on the list were Cincinnati and Oklahoma State. Either Ohio State or Michigan will be adding a win or loss to that total this season regardless. Fans will have to wait until at least Nov. 26 to see what happens.