Was Ohio State a lock even without a B1G title? Would Penn State’s championship run be enough to nudge into that final spot? Where would Washington fall?

All those questions were answered on Sunday as the College Football Playoff selection committee slotted their final selections for the four bids to compete for a national championship.

The final verdict?

Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington are the teams that will be battling to claim a title, with Penn State and Michigan left on the outside looking in.

How did Twitter react?

There were plenty of folks that were in favor of and against Penn State getting a bid. And, of course, several people who believed that Ohio State deserved a bid even without a B1G title thanks to an impressive resume:

Now, Alabama will take on Washington and Clemson will play Ohio State.

The four teams have been named and three games will now determine who will hoist the College Football Playoff trophy at the end of the season.