Money talks in the football world. A list was released of the NFL’s Top 10 most cap dollars by college by Nick Korte of Thin Air Network.

All of the Power 5 conferences had at least 1 school on the list. The SEC had 4 school crack the Top 10, which was the most out of the Power 5 conferences. Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Michigan represented the B1G. Clemson, Oklahoma, and USC were the only schools from their respective conferences. Ohio State players are currently taking up the most cap space in the NFL.

The players from these schools have some big contracts. For example, Terry McLaurin just got paid a 3-year, $71 million extension to stay with the Washington Commanders. Former Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson was just signed to a 5-year $245 million extension by the Denver Broncos as well.

Here is the full list, and how much cap space the players from each school take up:

  • 1. Ohio State: $253.3M
  • 2. Alabama: $230.1M
  • 3. LSU: $208M
  • 4. Clemson: $139.4M
  • 5. Oklahoma: $138.5M
  • 6. Wisconsin: $126.7M
  • 7. Georgia: $125.5M
  • 8. Mississippi State: $124M
  • 9. USC: $123.65M
  • 10. Michigan $119.5M