Following Lincoln Riley’s sudden departure to USC, at least one Oklahoma legislator wants to honor the former Sooners coach. However, his particular brand of “honor” might not be what you would expect.

In a press release from the Oklahoma legislature, Sen. Bill Coleman is requesting that the final three inches of a portion of State Highway 325 be renamed “Lincoln Riley Highway.” According to Coleman, he picked this particular “desolate” location for a reason:

“I felt the State of Oklahoma needed an appropriate goodbye to this former head coach whose sudden departure left many in shock, including a team of young, dedicated college players. I found the tiniest section of our most desolate highways to pay tribute to Coach Riley’s exit from Oklahoma football and the state,” Coleman said. “This is only fitting as this is the last three inches one sees before leaving our great state heading west.”

That is quite the honor, should the bill pass. However, it’s likely Riley is not losing any sleep over these three lonely inches of road as he takes over at USC.