One of Oklahoma’s favorite and oldest traditions has been shelved for the rest of this football season.

It started over the weekend when the Sooner Schooner wrecked on the field. As is tradition, the Schooner would make a run on the field after a touchdown. Unfortunately, the Schooner took this turn a bit too hard and wound up smashing on its side.

Here’s a look at the incident to refresh your memory:

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As a result of that fall, Oklahoma has announced that the Schooner will not run for the rest of the season. According to OU Daily, Oklahoma AD Kenny Mossman announced that the damaged Schooner will be repaired for display. It’s possible it will be back out on the field for games this year, but it will not run the rest of the season.

However, Oklahoma is constructing a new Schooner that it hopes will be ready in time for the spring game:

“We will repair the damaged Schooner and its future use will be for static display,” Mossman said in the statement. “It is possible that it will be back at a game this season, but it will not run. We also are in the process of having a new Schooner constructed. There is no timetable yet for when it will be ready. I would anticipate having it in time for the spring game.”