Do you ever wonder if a coach’s personality follows him home? Or is the man on the field and in the press conference different from the one who sits down at the dinner table with his family?

It makes us wonder what Thanksgiving Day would be like in the home of each of the 14 B1G head coaches.

Since we weren’t invited over for any of those 14 Thanksgiving get-togethers, we’ve prepared one question for each head coach on Turkey Day. It would be really interesting to find out the answer to some of these.

So, B1G coaches, if you could provide some answers and let us know what the holidays are like in your home before you carve into the turkey and scoop out the mashed potatoes, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, we’ll just assume the answer to each question is “yes.”

Does Lovie Smith crack a smile?

The Illinois head coach rarely grins, regardless of setting. But he really hasn’t had much to smile about at all in his first two seasons with the Illini.

But hey, pumpkin and pecan pie will cheer anyone right up.

Does Tom Allen have a word of the day on Thanksgiving?

Indiana introduces a new “word of the week” at the start of every week. If Allen has one for Thanksgiving, what would it be? It has to be something food related, right?

“Ravenous” might be a pretty strong candidate before the meal is served

Is Kirk Ferentz a bib-wearer?

Maybe it’s just me, but Ferentz looks like the kind of guy who would clutch a knife in one and a fork in the other with an all-white bib draped over his shirt.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

What is in D.J. Durkin’s glass?

Excessive juice might be a really interesting beverage choice for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Does Jim Harbaugh attack the day with an appetite unknown to mankind?

This holiday only comes once a year. I can only imagine Harbaugh fasts for a day or two prior to Thursday and awakes on Thanksgiving morning with a gurgling and growling stomach.

Harbaugh seems like he’d have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and noodles piled a mile high and served with ice cold milk, of course.

Is Mark Dantonio in a hurry to eat?

Remember how amped up the Michigan State head coach was before the College Football Playoff in 2015? His pre-game interview lasted about 10 seconds and he frequently interrupted the ESPN reporter.

Does he have the same attitude when it comes to food?

What is the acronym P.J. Fleck uses for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a long word. But if there’s anyone in that could create an acronym out of the 12-letter holiday, Fleck is the guy.

Does Mike Riley refer to the potato dish as “taters?”

Maybe it’s because Riley is soft-spoken. Maybe it’s because he’s college football’s ultimate nice guy. Or, maybe it’s because those two characteristics, along with his ball cap, reminds me of a farmer from the Midwest.

Whatever the reason, the Huskers head coach just strikes me as a guy who uses the term “taters” at the table.

Is there a hype man standing behind Pat Fitzgerald as he carves the turkey?

Being entrusted with the carving responsibilities is a big deal this time of year. A lot of pressure is placed on producing thick, even slices for the family to ensure. Sometimes, you might need a little extra motivation to get through it.

Fitzgerald has the best guy in the business. Why not use him for the holiday, too?

Does Urban Meyer make a Thanksgiving Day statement? Or does he just open it up for questions?

It’s a rare occasion that Meyer makes an opening statement before opening the floor for questions. Do you think he keeps a lot to himself even with family around?

Does James Franklin focus on one dish at a time?

“Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey…”

*Franklin finishes his turkey.

“Stuffing, stuffing, stuffing, stuffing…”

This is how it goes at the Franklin house, right?

Does Jeff Brohm start dinner by slamming a chair into the ground?

I mean, Brohm slammed a chair into the ground before one of Purdue’s games earlier this season and it seemed to fire up his players.

You don’t need to get too fired about eating a ton of great food. But if there was one coach you could get you amped up for deviled eggs, Brohm might be the guy.

Does Chris Ash show off those awesome dance moves?

When Rutgers invited Migos on campus to perform for the football team, Ash showed off his dance moves.

It reminded me of a guy with way too much enthusiasm dancing around a buffet line.

Are Paul Chryst’s dinner conversations as bland as his press conferences?

Chryst is an incredible football coach. He is not an incredible interviewer.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Chryst went through the entire holiday without saying a single word.