Every team starts the college football season with a clean slate. While we look to the previous year to predict what might happen on the field, every team has an equal chance to compete for a national championship — at least from the theoretical standpoint.

We all know that isn’t quite the case, though. Not long into the season, we realize which teams are legitimate national title contenders and which are behind the curve. Heading into each season, ESPN’s FPI attempts to predict what we might see on the field.

Entering the 2020 campaign, only seven teams are projected to have a chance to reach the College Football Playoff out of the B1G. Over half of those have less than a one percent chance to be in the four-team field.

The usual suspects are at the top of the list, with Ohio State, Wisconsin and Penn State all given higher than a 20 percent chance to make the playoff. The Buckeyes lead the way with a 63.8 percent chance, followed by the Badgers at 33.5 percent and the Nittany Lions at 23.2 percent.

Michigan is next in line, but it’s way behind the previous three. The Wolverines have been given a 0.3 percent chance to compete for a national title next season. Iowa, Indiana and Northwestern have all been given a 0.1 percent chance to reach the field.

The most noticeable team left off the list is Minnesota, which finished the 2019 season with an 11-2 record. Minnesota, like the remaining six teams in the B1G — Illinois, Maryland, Michigan State, Nebraska, Purdue and Rutgers — has a 0.0 percent chance to play in the playoff.

Every year we see a surprise team come out of nowhere and make a run at the field. Could one of those seven B1G teams left out of the playoff discussion make a run this year?