ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reported exactly what many expected.

The B1G voted to keep satellite camps. The four other Power Five conferences did not.

That much was assumed, and confirmed by McMurphy. But outside of the powers that be, there was some strong opposition in college football, from the B1G and outside the B1G.

Even though the ruling is being called by some “The Harbaugh Rule,” there were other coaches impacted by the ban. Northwestern was scheduled to host out-of-state schools for its Chicagoland Showcase. Fitzgerald shared his frustration with why that will now have a smaller guest list:

Coaches like Fitzgerald, Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer will have to change their summer plans. Many suspected that SEC coaches complained because it created more work for them over the summer with out-of-state schools taking over their territory.

But the ripple effect of the new rule has an impact greater than coaches.

Penn State signee Alex Barbir and Nebraska signee Decaprio Bootle, both of whom are from SEC country, shared their disappointment with the new rule:

Former Michigan fullback Joe Kerridge also brought up an interesting point that will be a side effect from the NCAA’s decision:

It wasn’t just B1G players who took exception to the ruling. Texas A&M recruit Tate Martell, who is the No. 1 quarterback in the 2017 class and is still being recruited by Ohio State, went straight at the NCAA:

Even media members involved in the college sports scene had strong reactions:

Well, not everyone was opposed to the ruling. After all, the SEC was the only group that benefitted from this decision:

Now all that’s left is for Harbaugh to fire at the NCAA. It’s only a matter of time.