If the College Football Playoff is to expand, then get ready for the bowl system as currently known to disappear.

Florida head coach Dan Mullen thinks that college football will be radically different if the playoff system is expanded. Mullen used his platform as head coach of a prominent national program (as well as being recently named college coach of the year by Pro Football Focus) to expound on the state of the playoff system.

His remarks come in light of No. 1 Alabama’s 52-24 win over No. 3 Ohio State in the championship on Monday night.

“What bowl games mean are really special,” Mullen said on Monday on ESPN via 247Sports.

“I think when the playoffs started, you knew expansion would have to come. I was watching a clip on the 150th anniversary of college football — just happened to turn it on — and Bobby Bowden is on there saying ‘as long as we keep bowl integrity, we’ll be okay.’ When the playoff started and it went to four games, I think it became a matter of time.

“Now, is that time now, or in the future? But I think what we have to do to expand the playoffs is be willing to let go of the old system.”

The question of course, centers on expanding the playoff to six or perhaps eight total teams. And while that might be a logistical nightmare, it likely means that the importance of bowl games is lessened and perhaps disappears all together.

Florida finished the season 7-4 and with a 55-20 loss to No. 6 Oklahoma. The Mullen’s Gators entered the bowl season ranked No. 6.

There was serious talk that if Ohio State faltered in the Big Ten Championship Game that Texas A&M or Florida could be the program that leapfrogs into the playoff.