A group of PAC-12 football players are threatening to sit out the 2020 season if a list of demands are not met by the conference, according to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg. A story entitled “#WeAreUnited” also ran in The Players’ Tribune on Sunday morning.

Rittenberg reported on Saturday that a group of PAC-12 football players from several schools are threatening to not participate in training camp or competitions until a list of demands is met by the league. Those demands include:

  • Guaranteed safe play through the pandemic
  • Fighting racial injustice
  • Securing economic rights and fair compensation
  • Protecting all sports
  • Obtaining long-term healthcare insurance

The players are hoping to get a “written contract” with the Pac-12.

According to Rittenberg, the primary focus of the demands will be to address racial injustice throughout the conference. There are rumored to be hundreds of players participating in this movement.

Last week, the PAC-12 approved a 10-game, conference-only schedule for the 2020 college football season. It’s a move that other leagues have already made, eliminating all non-league competitions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is an image obtained by The Athletic citing some of the demands from the PAC-12 players: