Parents from five B1G programs are scheduled to meet Randy Wade, father of Ohio State star cornerback Shaun Wade, in Chicago on Friday is an attempt to receive some answers from conference commissioner Kevin Warren. Wade was the first to announce plans to make a trip to the B1G office.

On Tuesday, Wade confirmed that parents from Ohio State, Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue and Iowa all plan to join him in Chicago. There’s been growing unrest among players and parents after the B1G decided to cancel the season without much of an explanation.

“It’s just a hard situation and then all of the misconceptions with the vote, [Kevin Warren] has got to come out and talk,” Wade said, according to Tony Gerdeman of Buckeye Scoop. “You got to come out and talk. You’ve got to say something. It’s frustrating, but at the end of the day you can’t worry about the frustrations, you’ve got to worry about doing everything you can do with the time you have to do it because when you drop that hate and say ‘I have my all,’ that’s what I want to do for us, you just want to give it your all.”

The 14 B1G presidents and Warren have essentially locked themselves in their offices, refusing to answer questions on the final decision to pull the plug on fall sports. It’s been eight days since the decision was made with no clear-cut explanation.

Wade said he just wants some answers.

“I thought about it, you have to make people uncomfortable for them to come out of their shells and feel forced to say something,” Wade said. “So I’m like, you know what, maybe we can get some people to just go up there and just make him a little uncomfortable so he can speak out and say something.”

We’ll see if this movement leads to some answers.