It all hinges on The Game.

Ohio State and Michigan have been waiting for their matchup on Nov. 26 for some time now. Revenge, a spot in the College Football Playoff and a potential B1G title are all on the line for the 2 B1G powerhouses, but College GameDay host Pat McAfee thinks there’s some room to share.

Well, in at least one way at least. While the 2 can’t share the B1G, they could share a spot in the Playoff. He theorized on College GameDay the likelihood of 2 B1G teams reaching the 4-team field at the end of the year.

“The last game of the year against Michigan, if Ohio State loses is there a gonna be a chance for 2 B1G teams make it into the College Football Playoff?” McAfee said. “Obviously Michigan would have to go on to win the B1G Championship against a B1G West that has 45 teams that could potentially win the B1G West.”

Of course, even if Michigan did go on to win a 2nd straight rivalry match against the Buckeyes, Ohio State would still need some help. Georgia seems to have locked up a spot, but the final 2 could be a fight between Tennessee, TCU, Oregon and the loser of The Game. Would the loser have enough of a resume to make it?

Only time will tell. First, both teams have to reach The Game undefeated.