Pat Narduzzi isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. Over the last five years at Pitt, the head coach has had several quotable moments.

Narduzzi’s latest headlining moment came when he talked about the NCAA transfer portal. And now, he’s not really a big fan of the new phenomenon in college football and college athletics.

Recently, Narduzzi was asked about wide receiver Tre Tipton received a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA, with the ruling coming earlier in the week. That’s when the Pitt head coach referred to the transfer portal as the “ugly toilet portal.”

“It comes down to culture,” Narduzzi said of Tipton and his desire to return to Pitt. “I say this all the time. It’s not easy. When you look at that transfer portal going around the country, it’s ugly. They really should call it the ugly toilet portal. And it’s not good for a lot of kids. We’ve got NFL guys that come back who could just take off and leave and there’s going to be 40 or 50 of them that go undrafted when they should’ve stayed. But our guys are smart and I think they like what’s going on.”

Several coaches in college football feel similar to the transfer portal as Narduzzi, though they haven’t gone as far as to give it a nickname.

Current Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker said while at Colorado “there is no transfer portal in life,” before leaving Boulder for East Lansing. Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald has said he’d like to see players sit out one full season before returning to the field if they transfer.

The portal certainly has critics. Narduzzi may just be one of the harshest.