Paul Finebaum is still fuming.

On Friday, College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock released a statement saying there would be no changes made to the 4-team format for the next 4 seasons. The idea of a 12-team system won’t be back on the table until at least 2026.

Finebaum voiced his frustration on Monday, joining ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill & Max show. He believes the decision to stay at 4 teams is a major disservice to college football.

“The 12-team Playoff wasn’t going to guarantee excitement, but it was going to be similar to the NFL Playoffs. Where there’s competition to get in. There’s competition to be in the Wild Card, to have a bye, to have home field,” Finebaum said. “That’s all gone. We have the same, boring Playoff that we’ve had since 2014.

“It’s interesting that the audience has not groaned. …We’ve had two Alabama-Georgia games in the last four years. Does the country really want that? No. And when you have a playoff, you open the door. As we just got done watching with the Super Bowl, for upsets. For exciting games.

“Now, we’re stuck with the same boring tournament for the next four years.”

A number of fans have been excited about the prospect of expanding the Playoff to a 12-team system, allowing more teams a chance to compete for the national championship. But we’ll have to wait at least a little longer before we get it.

That is, if it ever actually happens.