The announcement that has been one of the biggest in college football to date was the B1G’s decision to eliminate nonconference games and play a league-only schedule this fall. While it was the first conference to make the announcement, it probably will not be the only one to do so.

Paul Finebaum was asked for his thought’s on the B1G’s decision — one that some labeled as premature. The SEC Network host suggested that it may end up being an irrelevant topic, anyway.

“There was no reason for [B1G commissioner Kevin Warren] to announce it yesterday besides trying to follow the Ivy League,” Finebaum said, according to 247Sports. “I think it is a really bad sign for college football. It is a sign that nobody is on the same page despite what they are trying to tell us. I think we are going to see this continue for the next couple of weeks. We are going to see more announcements that quite frankly may not mean one thing.”

Notably, Warren told Big Ten Network on Thursday that there was no guarantee fall sports would be played and that “we may not have football in the B1G.” It’s far from certain that athletics will resume at all this academic year.

What the B1G’s decision does, however, is allow the conference to implement more uniform guidelines in regards to testing procedures and protocols for the COVID-19 pandemic. It also provides flexibility in scheduling, as the B1G won’t have to worry about issues or concerns in other conferences.

Warren said that more details, including scheduling announcements, could come within the next few weeks.