This Tuesday is the day the College Football Playoff rankings come out, and that means after this weekend’s action the analysts are out in force, giving their take on who should be there.

College football radio host Paul Finebaum gave his take on Sunday’s edition of ESPN SportsCenter, and felt the top four were a clear choice, with an additional team to keep in mind.

“Number four we start with Clemson and it’s hard to believe they’re four, but they lost and they didn’t play yesterday,” Finebaum said. “But they have a path back, of course being the ACC championship rematch with Notre Dame. At number three, they had a rough outing yesterday, the Ohio State Buckeyes. They still won but they played their best competition of the year. Justin Fields struggled but the Buckeyes are sitting there at three behind Notre Dame. We’ll see them after Thanksgiving against North Carolina. The Irish are itching for a chance to get back to the College Football Playoff.

“At number one, there really isn’t any dispute anymore, Alabama is clearly the number one team in the country. They demolished Kentucky yesterday and they have Auburn this week in the famous Iron Bowl. The final team, America’s sweetheart, how can you not love Northwestern? Pat Fitzgerald is a phenomenal coach and everyone’s crazy after that big win yesterday over Wisconsin.”

Finebaum’s Top 4:

  1. Alabama
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Ohio State
  4. Clemson

Alabama did what Alabama does on Saturday, easily blowing out Kentucky. But Notre Dame enjoyed their bye week, while Clemson missed out on action after their scheduled game with Florida State was canceled due to COVID-19 issues. Ohio State had their hands full with Indiana, with Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields getting his biggest challenge this season so far, with three Hoosier interceptions, but managed to get the win.

The AP polls will certainly have some shuffling this week, but with different criteria used to determine the CFP rankings it could be an interesting trip through December.