Paul Finebaum and Heather Dinich went on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ to talk about who they believe are the top four teams in the country right now. The two had the same teams on their lists.

Dinich went up first and had Ohio State, Georgia, Tennessee, and Michigan in that order. Finebaum agreed and had the same teams in exact the same order.

While Ohio State may not have the quality wins like Tennessee does, Finebaum thinks that the Buckeyes are the most complete team. However, he doesn’t think the Committee will go with the teams they did.

“I would go the same way, and having said, I don’t think either one of us is going to be the same as the Committee tonight… I think we both believe Tennessee can be No. 1 tonight.

“I think the Committee will go with Tennessee for this reason: They have the best win in the country, that speaks for itself with the win 2 weeks ago in Knoxville over Alabama. After that, you can mix it up anyway you want. Ohio State to me looks like the most complete team, but you never know what this Committee is going to do.”

We’ll see who the College Football Playoff Committee ends up going with on Tuesday night. The official CFP Rankings will be announced at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.