Paul Finebaum and Heather Dinich understand the type of stakes that are on the line in The Game between Ohio State and Michigan. During Wednesday’s broadcast of ESPN’s “Get Up,” the two were asked about the idea of the rivalry matchup being an elimination game for the College Football Playoff.

As for Michigan, Dinich believes it absolutely is a win-or-go-home scenario for the Wolverines. She pointed to a disastrous nonconference schedule and lack of quality wins if Michigan does not get past Ohio State.

“It’s an elimination game for Michigan because if Michigan doesn’t win this game they will have one win against a CFP top 25 opponent. That’s Penn State. Their first four games were all at home. They didn’t have a nonconference game against a Power 5 opponent,” said Dinich. “Those are the things that will doom you in that selection committee meeting room on selection day if you don’t win your conference.”

Ohio State’s odds of making the Playoff are not much better with a loss, according to Dinich. She believes there are too many contenders that are undefeated or with one loss for the Buckeyes to make the final four without a conference championship on their résumé.

Finebaum was more blunt on how the B1G could get two teams into this year’s Playoff field:

“Maybe on some video game or in a fantasy world, because it’s not happening,” cracked Finebaum.