Paul Finebaum lets his opinions knows. And, his latest opinion on the College Football Playoff has to do with the committee’s chair, Rob Mullens.

Mullens is in his second season as the chairman and is also the athletic director at Oregon. On Finebaum’s show Thursday, he told about the trust he has in Mullens.

Hint: He doesn’t.

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“I frankly don’t know if I trust this guy being in charge,” Finebaum said on the show. “I don’t trust him because he’s not honest, and I just think he has an influence on that committee.”

Ultimately, does it make sense that athletic directors of schools from across the country are leading the CFP committee? Does Oregon’s AD not have an interest in getting his Ducks into the four-team playoff?

Of course he does. That’s Finebaum’s point here.

And, that’s not a crazy thought to have.