All the confidence Paul Finebaum had for a 2020 college football season this fall has essentially been wiped away. Instead, the SEC Network host and longtime college football analyst is starting to adopt a realistic approach to the outlook of the season.

Joining ESPN’s Golic and Wingo on Wednesday morning, Finebaum does not have much confidence that the college football season will be played — at least in the fall.

“Not to sound like a lot of people, but if you go back to Memorial Day, I felt great,” Finebaum said. “Not anymore.”

“I think the only people selling delusion and hope right now are folks who run college football. They’re talking about on-time beginnings and full stadiums and they’re all full of crap. It’s time to start speaking realistically.

College football had been gaining serious momentum in late May and early June. With players returning to campuses after the NCAA lifted its moratorium on organized team activities, it seemed realistic to believe the season may start on time.

However, with a recent surge in COVID-19 cases in different regions of the country and outbreaks among student-athletes on certain campuses, there’s more doom-and-gloom than ever before. Finebaum suggests it’s not being negative about the season, but more realistic.

“I think for too long college executives have been selling hope. The push to get players back on campus, the push to do all of these things, which is fine. None of us are against college football. We’re all huge fans,” Finebaum said. “But, it’s reality time now. It’s July 1st and anyone who believes that the CFB season is in good shape is wrong. I don’t even know what the best-case scenario I could give you right now is. I do believe if there is a season that it won’t start on time. And I’m beginning to seriously question whether there will be a season or not.”

No decision on the 2020 season has been made. Currently, the schedule has not been altered or changed. But a more definite decision is expected to be coming sometime this month.

Based on Finebaum’s comments, the college football season is on shaky ground, at best.