Paul Finebaum gave his weekly top 4 rankings after the significant impact of Week 5. While the top teams came away with victories, the games’ results and performances have huge implications.

Finebaum saw Ohio State take care of business at home versus B1G foe Rutgers 49-10. He also saw some of the top teams in head-to-head matchups, and the top-ranked narrowly escaped a trap game at the Missouri Tigers.

On Sunday morning, Finebaum went on SportsCenter to give his updated top 4, with Ohio State being in the thick of the rankings:

4. Clemson Tigers: “Well, thanks to Clemson’s big win last night, it’s getting rather bunched up around the 4 to 5 range. But I like Clemson very much at No. 4. They were just really fantastic last night. What else can you say? They’re playing NC State. They beat Wake (Forest) last week, which turned out to be a really good team. I’m all over DJ and think Dabo Swinney’s team is going to get better.”

3. Ohio State Buckeyes: “Look at No. 3 and take your pick. I’m going with Ohio State. They’re really playing flawlessly right now, but the competition has to improve before I think we start giving them too many kudos. But right now, they could easily be No. 1.”

2. Alabama Crimson Tide: “At No. 2, who is it? It’s still Bama. Alabama won on the road without their best player and still survived a very hostile environment.”

1. Georgia Bulldogs: “At No. 1, it’s Georgia. I said a couple of weeks ago that Georgia is the new Alabama. Georgia is actually the old Georgia right now the way they are playing. They’re playing down to competition and Kirby has to be concerned about that.”

Week 6 is set to potentially feature exciting and significant games that could change the sport moving forward.