Paul Finebaum is not impressed with Marcus Freeman and Notre Dame.

The Fighting Irish deserve some criticism for sure. The No. 8 ranked team in the country has no business losing to Marshall at home, 26-21. Finebaum ripped into Freeman’s squad Sunday morning.

“We were all told how great Marcus Freeman was going to be,” Finebaum said on ESPN Sunday morning, via On3 Sports. “My question back is, ‘what’s so great about him?’ He is 0-3 as a head coach, including the bowl game last year, and Ohio State and Marshall. Ohio State we can understand – they played brilliantly in the first half and they got run over the second.

“But this game was against Marshall, and Marshall at times was manhandling them. Don’t look at the score if you didn’t watch the game. Notre Dame got a cheap touchdown, I mean, they couldn’t do anything right and their schedule gets more difficult. There’s Southern Cal, there’s BYU – we know what they did overnight – there’s Clemson, there’s North Carolina. There could be a lot of losses for Marcus Freeman in his first year at Notre Dame.”

Finebaum’s last not can either be seen as a positive or negative to Freeman. Are you gonna be scared or accept the challenge those teams present? Turning it around could be as easy as scoring a few wins from those listed above.