A lot of changes are coming to college football. Some might be here sooner than expected.

One of the biggest changes coming down the pipeline are new Name, Image and Likeness policies and guidelines. Some states have already passed legislation that will allow college student-athletes to profit off their likeness, set to take effect on July 1. Others are working on passing a bill while some are still dragging their feet.

Speaking on 3 Man Front recently, Paul Finebaum was asked whether he thinks NIL changes or the expansion of the College Football Playoff would have a bigger impact on the sport. The SEC Network host is confident in what he believes will be the bigger change.

“I think it’s definitely the NIL. For all the conversation about the playoff, whether it happens in two years or in five years, it’s not going to affect every single college program or every single college players, whereas NIL in two weeks is going to disrupt (everything),” Finebaum said on the show. “Not only is it going to disrupt players in terms of whether they can collect money or not — which obviously they’ll be able to — I think the biggest impact is on fans.

“Every generation of football players thinks the next one is worthless…I think it’s going to be a big divide with older college football fans resenting younger college football players making money. I don’t know if it’s going to turn the sport upside down, but I think it has the most potential to of anything I’ve seen in generations.”

Because the NCAA dragged its feet on amending the changes to NIL policies for so long, state legislators took it upon themselves to propose changes at that level. Now, it could create an uneven playing field for specific schools and states.

It’s eventually likely that there is federal legislation in place, or at least something consistent across the NCAA. Finebaum things it’s going to cause a big divide before the younger and older generations.

Still, it’s a change everyone better prepare for. It’s coming sooner than we thought.