Paul Finebaum really said it best during his appearance on ESPN’s Get Up on Friday. It was a simple statement, but it rang true on so many levels.

“By now, we thought we would know everything,” Finebaum said during the show. “We don’t know anything.”

College football has been a hot topic for several months now as the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the 2020 regular season. Though there had been some momentum for an on-time start in late May and early June, with spikes in positive cases in various places across the country, there could be a delay to kickoff.

Finebaum says that the sport really is in a dire situation right now. He also hinted at the fact that there’s a good chance there’s a delay — in some capacity — to the season.

“College football is just an absolute hot mess right now,” Finebaum said. “You have so many different views and really no real leader, as has been pointed out many, many times.

“I think we’re now pointing toward mid July for the next big decision. And I think many people in college football privately — nobody publicly is saying this — are saying that the likelihood of the season being delayed is very good.”

The 2020 season is scheduled to begin on Saturday, Aug. 29 with Week 0. More teams won’t take the field until the following week. B1G teams aren’t scheduled to start the season until Thursday, Sept. 3.

Below is the clip of Finebaum speaking on Get Up: