For a third straight season, the B1G champion has been left out of the College Football Playoff. And for a second consecutive year, the conference has been left out of the four-team field entirely.

While it’s impossible to control the selection committee’s decision, the idea that the B1G has fallen from grace has become an overwhelming notion.

On Monday, Paul Finebaum appeared on The RoundTable on WJOX to talk about the conference being left out of the College Football Playoff yet again. And, as you might imagine, the SEC Network host couldn’t help but rip into the B1G.

“I think the bigger problem [for the B1G], is the perception that they have fallen behind,” Finebaum said. “It wasn’t long ago fans of the B1G were saying ‘Hey, we have the best conference in college football.’ They don’t anymore. It’s not close. It primarily rests with a couple of schools.”

Finebaum pointed to Michigan’s miserable performance against Ohio State, and the Buckeyes’ lackluster effort against Purdue. He also said Wisconsin was a “total failure” this season.

The B1G being left out of the College Football Playoff has certainly become an issue for the league. But it’s also difficult for the conference to wiggle its way into the four-team field when it’s judged on different criteria.

Is the B1G as dominant as it was a few years ago? Probably not. But saying it’s a ways behind the rest of the country is a bit of a stretch.